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Post by job's coffin on Fri Aug 12, 2011 7:35 pm

Welcome to the forum! Before you start posting, please read this post. debeauvoir, one of our moderators, graciously wrote up these rules and regulations. You are to follow them at all times. If not, action will be taken.

Rules and Regulations:

1. This forum is a place for positive criticism. In other words, while you may not like a particular artist, you still should respect not only them but their fans. If you wish to trash an artist, we will have a burn thread which will meet all of your needs. Secondly, when you wish to provide criticism, provide criticism to the poster’s argument, the artist in question, etc. We do not allow bullying of any kind. If you are aware that you are an assclown who enjoys belittling people, not their arguments, then do not join. If you are suspected of bullying, we will give you a warning; however, if this behavior persists, you will be banned, with or without warning.

2. While this forum promotes and welcomes free speech and free thought, there is nothing more distasteful than a bigot who hides behind their ignorance. Please, when discussing artists, try to avoid any use of racial, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, abelist slurs. If a mod or admin catches or finds your language offensive to others, we will give you a warning; however, if this behavior persists, you will be banned, with or without warning.

3. While we all love the discovery of new music, please adhere to copyright laws when sharing music. This means, of course, sharing the music via a third party organization like youtube,, music blogs, tumblr, etc. As, our forum provider, requests in their rules and regulations, there will be absolutely no sharing and/or swapping of torrents or leaks on the forum. If you wish to do this, please do it on your own site—facebook, tumblr, etc. If we catch you sending and/or swapping torrents under our nose, you will be banned. There is no ethical debate involved; it is a criminal offense, and until it becomes allowed, we will follow the laws. You can, however, post that something has leaked so others can try to find it on their own, outside the site.

4. You are allowed to have an avatar and a signature on this forum. However, to avoid the pages being stretched, we ask that you follow these specifications. Your avatar can be up to 150x150 pixels and your signature can be 500x200 pixels. Also, keep all "sets" music-related.

5. Enjoy your time on the site!
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